PIDS Fellowship Awards

PIDS had funded two to four fellowship awards annually for doctoral-level applicants. These awards each provide two years of intensive research training for those who will ultimately assume leadership roles in the field. Awards are open to individuals enrolled in accredited fellowship training programs in pediatric infectious diseases. The areas funded are broad, varying from basic research in pathogenesis of disease to research on the prevention and therapy of infectious diseases, epidemiology, and healthcare policy. All fellowships are designed to advance the field of pediatric infectious diseases with respect to basic understanding of the diseases and improving outcomes in affected children.

Named Funds

Large contributions to the Foundation can be used to establish endowments that can fund fellowships in perpetuity. Such endowed fellowship can be named to honor individuals or sponsoring organizations. These endowments can be established for fellowships that specify study in a particular area of infectious diseases that may be particularly relevant to the donor.

Two endowed fellowship awards for study in specific general areas have been established:

  1. PIDS Fellowship Awards in Prevention of Infectious Diseases

    This endowment will provide for the training of fellows in areas interfacing with the prevention of infectious diseases, including vaccines and other preventive biologics, epidemiology, host response, and the development of new tools and strategies to prevent infection.

  2. PIDS Fellowship Awards in Anti-Infectives

    This endowment will provide for the training of fellows in areas related to the pathogenesis and treatment of infections, including mechanisms of virulence, identification of targets for anti-infective therapy, clinical use of traditional anti-infective drugs, and the study of novel therapies. Drug resistance and antibiotic stewardship projects may be funded from this fellowship.

These two awards will be funded by a partnership of individuals, organizations, and companies that will provide contributions over a specified period of time. Each contribution to the endowment will be acknowledged when announced, when a fellowship is awarded, and at the time of publication or presentation of data generated during the fellowship, in perpetuity.

Society Awards

  1. Young Investigator Award

    The Young Investigator Award is awarded to honor and recognize young physicians who are just beginning a career in pediatric research for outstanding contributions in clinical or basic research in pediatric infectious diseases. Selection of award is based on ability to demonstrate evidence of independent research and productivity (e.g., first author on publications in refereed journals, presentations at national meetings, extramural funding, etc.). There is usually only one applicant selected annually.

  2. Travel Awards

    Travel awards are awarded to medical students and residents to encourage them to present research at ID meetings and introduce them to the field of pediatric infectious diseases. Travel awards are also awarded to fellows in pediatric infectious diseases to recognize those who have performed outstanding research in a forum that allows them to share the results of top ranked abstracts with their colleagues.