No doubt we have all been consumed with COVID 19 over these past many weeks. It is almost hard to recall life and work before this predicable, and yet still surprising pandemic overtook them. But there was indeed activity BC*

We have been working with Dr. Stanly Plotkin to advocate for inclusion of more complete and updated information in packaging and patient materials associated with vaccine administration. While we have not been successful in our attempts to convince the FDA to modify the Package Inserts, at least in some part due to legislation that mandates their content, we have reached out to industry and have identified some support for modifying the Patient Package Inserts (PPI) so that these reflect the actual duration of follow up, and more clearly clarify the attribution of adverse events.

PIDS now has its first CoVER vaccine education module! Thanks to the long and hard work of Barbara Pahud and her collaborators, along with PIDS staff who helped work with her to secure funding, we will now be able to offer online education on all things vaccine. Initially developed to educate students and residents at Children’s Mercy Hospital, it soon became clear that the quality and scope of the modules would be of benefit to a much larger audience. After many years of developing and testing the modules, combined with developing a process and funding for keeping them updated, the first module was loaded on May 11. As this goes live we will also be looking to monitor traffic on the site. With many of our medical students excluded from clinical environments now, this can be a great tool for self-directed learning. Please check them out and share widely with your students and trainees.

We are also most pleased to welcome Sean O’Leary from University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus and Children’s Hospital Colorado as Vice Chair. Sean also serves as the PIDS liaison to the ACIP and is a member of the AAP Committee on Infectious Diseases. He was recently featured here commenting on the impact of COVID on routine childhood immunizations. Vaccinations have dropped precipitously in recent months as a result of COVID-19, so please work with your local pediatricians on plans to get children vaccinated. The last thing we need right now are outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases.

We welcome suggestions on other committee activities for consideration on a future teleconference.

Sandy and Sean

  • Sandy FowlerSandy
  • Sean O'LearySean

*Before COVID19