Over the past two months, first in Europe, and more recently principally in cities along the East Coast of the United States, with some now also reported in the Midwest and South, a small number of children have developed a more serious inflammatory syndrome in temporal association with COVID-19 in the community, often leading to hospitalization, and occasionally requiring intensive care. Children with SARS-CoV2-associated pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome have persistent fever, inflammation, evidence of poor function in a single organ or many organs, and other specific clinical and laboratory features, in the absence of other known infections. Some these children have part or all of the features seen in Kawasaki Syndrome.

In order to promote awareness of this newly emerged phenotype, please read the media statement (linked below) which contains important information about case definition, proposed lab testing, and evaluation.

Statement to the Media following the 2 May Pediatric Intensive Care-COVID-19 International Collaborative Conference Call (pdf)