We now have a survey to register ALL pediatric COVID-19 patients in the USA!

The Pediatric Infectious Diseases Transplant Network (PIDTRAN) through its Coordinating Center at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, in collaboration with Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Seattle Children's and Chicago Children's Hospital have created a survey to capture epidemiologic and clinical information about ALL cases of pediatric COVID-19 infections in the United States.

We invite you/your center to participate. We are asking you to contribute de-identified information about any COVID-19 case in pediatric patients, inpatient or outpatient, diagnosed or treated at your center. 

This survey is for ALL pediatric patients less than 21 years of age in the USA, including:

  • General Pediatric patients, with or without other co-morbidities
  • Immunocompromised pediatric patients
  • Transplant  and cellular therapy recipients

To submit a case via the electronic survey forms, click here or copy and paste the following url: https://redcap.stjude.org/surveys/?s=37F8JCEWR8

What you need to know:

  • St. Jude Children's Research Hospital IRB has approved this study and has determined that other sites providing non-HIPAA identifiable clinical data for this project are NOT considered to be engaged in human subjects research. Your role in the project does NOT require local IRB approval at your site, but please refer to your local policies and procedures. (please see attached documentation that can be shared with your local IRB if needed.)
  • This is an initial survey for the first 7 days of COVID-19 illness. A follow-up survey forms should be completed once the patient has reached Day 28 post Covid-19 diagnosis. We will send you an email with the link to complete the follow-up survey forms once you have submitted the initial survey.
  • We hope that individuals within each institution will work together so that cases are only entered once.
  • Sites will be asked to record the REDCap assigned subject ID for each patient they submit. This subject ID will be available on the electronic survey. We have attached a log to track to use as a tool for tracking patients; however, you may use whatever tracking method you prefer. This log is not to be shared with anyone outside of your site. Please maintain your patient tracking linking the patient to the REDCap ID until notified that the study has been completed.
  • We encourage you to share this invitation with your colleagues at other institutions!

Please contact PIDTRANCoordinators@STJUDE.ORG with any questions.

Outcome Letter

PIDTRAN REDCap Subject Log

COVID-19 Subject Survey