The Publications Committee is responsible for:

  1. Developing, overseeing, and promoting a quality scholarly journal that reflects the diverse interests of the Society
  2. Overseeing the publications of JPIDS
  3. Reporting to the PIDS Board of Directors, at least annually, on the editorial and financial status of the journal
  4. Making recommendations to the PIDS Board on substantive editorial policy issues and financial matters.

The Committee, which consists of 14 members and two co-chairs (Janet Gilsdorf and Jan Englund), meets annually at IDWeek and by teleconference as needed.

Major accomplishments of JPIDS include the move to on-line only publication in early 2019 which will decrease publication costs some and, thus, increase PIDS’s portion of the profit-share monies. Further, the first ISI Impact Factor, released in June 2018, of 2.456 appears to have increased both the number and quality of submissions for review. The Journal is financially sound and, through the profit-sharing agreement with Oxford University Press, the Society benefits financially from its success.

Current activities include:

  1. Monitoring, in conjunction with the publisher Oxford University Press, the status of Plan S, the move to open access-only publication, which currently poses little threat to JPIDS.
  2. Reviewing the JPIDS review process with the editor, Theo Zaoutis.
  3. Encouraging committee members and as PIDS members in general to submit to JPIDS their best scientific papers as well as outstanding review articles that will likely drive citations and ideas for supplements to the Journal along with a plan to fund them.
  4. Developing new opportunities for fellows-in-training to publish their work in the Journal and to encourage members to submit their best papers.

The Committee salutes the Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Theo Zaoutis, and the Associate Editors for their diligence in assuring the success of JPIDS.