Pillars - PIDSThe PIDS 2017 Spring Business Meeting was held on Monday, May 8, in conjunction with the PAS Meeting, in San Francisco, California.  Dr. Janet Gilsdorf, PIDS President, gave her farewell report on the state of the Society.  She reminded members of PIDS’ vision and mission statements along with the 2015-2017 strategic pillars that derived from the 2015 strategic planning meeting.

Dr. Gilsdorf then provided a brief summary of activities for a few of the pillars.  She also thanked the PIDS Board of Directors, committee chairs, and liaisons for working so diligently to accomplish the Society’s mission. 

Next, Dr. Gilsdorf provided membership statistics for the last seven years noting the increase in the number of resident and medical student memberships in 2016-2017.  She then reminded members to pay their 2017 member dues if they had not already done so and introduced Dr. Charles Woods, Secretary-Treasurer, to update members on the financial status of PIDS.

PIDS End of Year Net Worth chartDr. Woods provided a list of all sources of revenue and the major expenses of the Society.  He then provided a comprehensive report of the operational and foundation accounts, concluding that PIDS’ 2016 “End of the Year Net Worth” is $2,934,927.

Dr. Gilsdorf then announced the 5th year anniversary of the Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society (JPIDS), provided a brief snapshot of the journal’s accomplishments over the last 5 years, and thanked Dr. Theo Zaoutis, JPIDS Editor-in-Chief, for his leadership and the associate editors for their diligence in making the journal successful.

JPIDS Celebrates 5 yearsDr. Zaoutis expressed sincere gratitude to the Society for allowing him to serve as editor and noted that continued success relies heavily on manuscript submissions from PIDS members.  He then encouraged members to submit their original science to JPIDS.

Dr. Gilsdorf then announced the 2017 PIDS election results. 

  • Officers:  Dr. Kris Bryant, President-Elect and Dr. Buddy Creech, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Board of Directors Members-at-Large:  Dr. Jason Newland and Dr. Debra Palazzi
  • Nominations and Awards Committee:  Dr. Angela Campbell, Dr. Lara Danziger-Isakov, and Dr. John Williams

Congratulations to all!

2017-2019 AimsDr. Gilsdorf also thanked Drs. David Kimberlin and Buddy Creech for their service on the PIDS Board and thanked the Society for allowing her to serve as President for the past two years.  With that said, she announced Dr. Paul Spearman as the incoming PIDS President.  Dr. Spearman provided the PIDS Aims discussed at this year’s strategic planning meeting.  These Aims will govern the Society’s activities for the next two years.

A summary of the strategic planning meeting will be provided in the June issue of PIDSNews.  The business meeting concluded at 5:50 pm PDT. Click here to view the full business meeting slide presentation.