Attendees have an opportunity to submit cases to be considered for presentation during the Pediatric Transplant ID Symposium. The planning committee will review all submissions and select the best cases for presentation during the breakout sessions. The deadline for submission is Friday, December 13, 2019. Feel free to contact the PIDS Headquarters office ( should you have any questions or need further assistance.

Case submissions require multiple steps; thus, we strongly recommend you begin this process early.


All submitting/presenting authors must complete and submit a signed cover letter and consent* stating:

  • that he or she is enrolled as a fellow in training program

  • the case has not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere

  • that no confidential patient information is revealed (see HIPAA Regulations and list of 18 identifiers that must be removed)

  • that if the case includes an image of a physical finding, a signed consent form from the patient or legal guardian has been obtained and is on file

  • that the case includes the affiliations of all the contributing authors

  • the units and reference ranges for all laboratory tests are specified

*All authors must sign the cover letter and consent form.

Each submitted case should include images that illustrate important teaching points related to pediatric transplant infectious diseases. Examples:

  • fungal and mycobacterial infections

  • viral infections

  • bacterial infections

  • parasitic diseases

  • infections of immunocompromised hosts

  • tropical infectious diseases

All contributors are acknowledged in the consent letter and case report have given their permission for the case to be presented during the Pediatric Transplant ID Symposium: Bench to Bedside, and have agreed to the transfer of copyright of the case and images to the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society if the case is accepted for presentation.

The deadline to complete a submission is Friday, December 13, 2019, at 5 p.m. EST. Incomplete cases will be deleted without consideration.

To ensure HIPAA Privacy Regulations are met, please confirm that the author's program director or ID faculty attending has reviewed the case report prior to uploading the case files to validate that the report complies. The author will be asked to confirm that the case has been reviewed by their program director of ID faculty during the submission process; therefore the author(s) should share the case with this individual and begin the submission process early. Please note that it is the responsibility of the primary/submitting author to provide a copy of the case report directly to the program director/faculty attending for review.


Each submission must include: