Training Programs Committee Update

Directing a fellowship program is challenging and rewarding work. The Training Program Committee (TPC) is committed to providing you up-to-date information on ACGME training program requirements, educational research opportunities, new curriculum ideas, and ERAS and NRMP data. The TPC also plans the PIDS Fellows’ Day annually at ID Week, selects cases to be presented and arranges for career speakers to highlight the many different career opportunities within Pediatric ID.

The TPC has outlined seven charges or functions of this committee.  To read the charge and see the most recent board report, click on this link: TPC Committee Report March 2019

The Training Programs Committee members:

Angela Myers, MD (’14-’20) Chair
Elisabeth Adderson, MD (’18-’21)
Christy Beneri, DO (’18-’21)
Samina Bhumbra, MD (’18-’21)
Andres Camacho, MD, MSc (’18-’21)
Maria Carrillo-Marquez, MD (’17-’20)
Annabelle de St. Maurice, MD, MPH (’17-’20)
Ozlem Equils, MD (’17-’20)
Jessica Ericson, MD (’17-’20)
Scott James, MD (’18-’21)
Christina Lancioni, MD (’17-’20)
Laura Norton, MD (’16-’22)
Grant Paulsen, MD (’18-‘21)
Julia Rosebush, DO (’18-’21)
Andi Shane, MD, MPH, MSc, FPIDS (’15-’19) BOD
Rolando Ulloa-Gutierrez, MD (’17-’20)
Angela Veesenmeyer, MD, MPH (’18-’21)
Rebecca Wallihan, MD (’16-’19)
James Wood, MD, MSc (’18-’21)
Jumi Yi, MD (’18-’21)

The TPC provides updates for FPDs periodically throughout the year. Some of these updates include a PD meeting at ID Week, PD webinars, information about ongoing education-based studies through the Subspecialty Investigator Network (SPIN), links to the career talks from Fellows’ Day, curriculum examples and the Fellowship Program Directors’ Handbook. Click on the links below to access slides and information.

PD Meetings at ID Week




PD Webinar and Summary

Career Talks during Fellows’ Day

Getting What You Deserve and Knowing What to Ask for: Negotiating During Your Job Search

Demistyfying the Interview Process

Fellowship Program Director Handbook

This handbook (APPD Handbook for Pediatric Fellowship Program Directors) was created by the Fellowship Program Director Executive Committee to provide new and seasoned FPDs with useful tools and tips to help your program run smoothly and to keep abreast of the ever changing ACGME requirements.

Letter to Prospective Fellowship Applicants

Please consider adding this letter to applicants to your Pediatric ID Fellowship webpage on your hospital or health system external site. This letter is meant to encourage residents to apply for Pediatric ID fellowship and to convey our understanding of the difficulties in obtaining letters of recommendation, access to rotations to prepare for Pediatric ID fellowship, and ability to complete research projects. This letter also affirms our commitment to virtual interviews this season. Please also consider sending this on to your residency PD for distribution to any trainees who may be interested in Pediatric ID, but may have yet to start the application process.