2010 Pediatric Fellows' Day Presentations

Transitioning Effectively from Fellow to Faculty Member

Joseph W. St. Geme, III, MD
Duke University Medical Center

2009 Pediatric Fellows' Day Presentations

Approach to Antimicrobial Agent Use

John S. Bradley, MD
Children's Hospital, San Diego

Immunization in Special Circumstances

William L. Atkinson, MD, MPH
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Moving a New Vaccine from Bench to Bedside: Rotavirus Vaccine as a Model

Penelope H. Dennehy, MD
Rhode Island Hospital/Brown University

Time Management in Academia

Mary Anne Jackson, MD
Children's Mercy Hospital

Vaccinology 101 for Fellows

Margaret C. Fisher, MD
The Children's Hospital at Monmouth Medical Center

2008 Pediatric Fellows' Day Presentations

Clinical and Epidemiologic Application of New Molecular Diagnostic Tools

Arjun Srinivasan, MD
Centers for Disease COntrol and Prevention

RSV in the NICU

Jo-Ann Harris, MD
University of Kansas Medical Center

Tackling Drug Resistant Infections: Mechanisms of Antimicrobial Resistance

Christopher J. Harrison, MD
Children's Mercy Hospital

VRE on the Oncology Unit

Susan Coffin, MD, MPH
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia