In 2014, PIDS organized a formal Transplant Infectious Diseases Working Group for members with a special interest in clinical, translational and basic research in the prevention and treatment of transplant associated infections. This group was tasked with rigorously identifying the research and clinical care gaps in pediatric transplant infectious diseases and then proposing and implementing solutions. We are now seeking volunteers to serve on six subgroups: Vaccines, CMV, C Diff, EBV, Fungal, and Respiratory Viruses.

Subgroup Descriptions:

Vaccines -


C Diff -


Fungal -

Respiratory Viruses -

If you are interested in serving on a subgroup, please click here to complete the Call for Volunteers form.

Call for Proposals

If you have a research idea (that falls within one of the subgroups) that you would like to suggest, please complete a concept sheet with your research idea and a 1-page proposal.  This information will be sent to the subgroup leaders.  The leaders will contact you to discuss the next steps including possible presentations at either the St. Jude/PIDS Pediatric Transplant ID Symposium or IDWeek.

Concept Sheet Overview (please click here to download):

1.   Name of investigator
2.   Study transplant population
3.   Disease category
4.   Retrospective or prospective study
5.   Sample size
6.   Targeted funding agencies
7.   Unique lab tests (if applicable)
8.   Key scientific advisory members
9.   Potential collaborations within PIDS (e.g., estimate number of sites needed)
10. Potential collaborations with other societies (e.g., estimate number of sites needed)
11. One page summary (background, hypothesis(es) and aim, design, and potential impact)  

Please contact the Christy Phillips at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions.