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Immunization Scheduler Makes it Simple for Parents and Providers to Catch-up on Kids’ Immunizations:

To assist parents and providers in the task of deciding the best strategy for getting a child back on track after not getting some or all vaccines at the recommended ages, CDC has released a cutting-edge web-based Catch-up immunization Scheduler.  The Scheduler is a downloadable, easy-to-use tool to quickly find out what vaccines are needed and when to give them to bring children up-to-date according to the currently recommended schedule.  The Catch-up Immunization Scheduler is now available.

Once the user has downloaded and entered information such as the child’s birthday and the vaccines the child has already received, the scheduler immediately provides a printable schedule.  There are two options.  You can select the “routine” schedule option that aims to keep dates for needed vaccinations as close the recommended ages as possible, or you can select the “accelerated” schedule option in which doses are scheduled as soon as possible according to current recommendations.