Dr. Lee is Associate Professor of Population Medicine & Pediatrics at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute & Harvard Medical School, Director of the Center for Healthcare Research in Pediatrics, and Associate Medical Director of Infection Prevention and Control at Boston Children’s Hospital. Her research focuses on prevention of healthcare-associated infections, payment policy evaluations, and drug and vaccine safety surveillance.

Dr. Lee serves as the principal investigator on the CDC-funded Vaccine Safety Datalink project and previously served as Associate Director of the FDA-funded Mini-Sentinel Project. She is principal investigator of an AHRQ-funded grant to develop a national surveillance definition for pediatric ventilator-associated events and to identify potential intervention bundles to improve quality of care. She is also principal investigator of an AHRQ-funded grant to evaluate the health and economic impact of the CMS Hospital-Acquired Conditions and Value-Based Purchasing policies, which is called the Preventing Avoidable Infectious Complications by Adjusting Payment (PAICAP) study (www.paicap.org).

Dr. Lee has served as a member on the Institute of Medicine Committee (IOM) to Review Priorities in the National Vaccine Plan and the IOM Committee on the Ethical and Scientific Issues in Studying the Safety of Approved Drugs. She is currently a member of the IOM Board on Population Health and Public Practice and also a past member of the AHRQ Healthcare Safety and Quality Improvement Research Study Section.