The Publications Committee, consisting of 17 members (including three PIDS fellows) and jointly led by the PIDS Past President Paul Spearman and the past Past President Janet Gilsdorf, is charged with developing, overseeing, and promoting the Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society (JPIDS), the scientific journal owned by the Society.  We meet annually at IDWeek and hold several telephone conferences each year.  In conjunction with the Editor-In-Chief (Theo Zaoutis), the Associate Editors, the editorial board, and the publisher (Oxford University Press) of JPIDS we monitor its publishing and financial performance.  

Members of the Committee, as well as the Society at large, are encouraged to develop and identify financial supporters for potential supplements (which advantage the Society financially) and to submit outstanding scientific papers to the Journal.  Further, members are reminded that accepted articles are citable even before they are assigned to an issue of JPIDS. 

Recent Committee-endorsed activities of the Journal include the uneventful move to online-only publication and to bi-monthly issues.  Further, the latest impact factor of 2.443 is strong evidence of the Journal’s success.  With input from Oxford University Press, we continue to monitor the cOAlition S initiative and its Plan S movement toward universal open access of scientific journals and its potential impact on the Journal. 

The Society’s contract with Oxford University Press ends December, 2020, and as we consider a renewed contract, the Committee is working closely with our publications consultant Dr. Morna Conway to examine new models of our financial relationship with the publisher that will result in a higher net monetary return to PIDS, a simplified structure that reduces the administrative burden on PIDS, and increased protection from risk for PIDS.  Toward this end, we plan to hold a JPIDS strategy meeting with Dr. Conway at PIDS headquarters in April.