The Social Media Working Group is an ad hoc taskforce working under the auspices of the Communications Committee, focused on delivering a vibrant, engaging, and educational presence for PIDS on a variety of social media. The goals of our group are to help develop a cohesive and impactful communications portfolio, and then deliver this messaging to our membership, as well as non-member interested parties and international colleagues, through Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

            Most members who are “Twitter-active” will have likely seen our work on our Twitter feed, which is our most active social media account, and where we receive the most traffic. However, we also encourage you to look into our Facebook page, where we post live feeds from conferences, including most recently the St Jude/PIDS conference in Memphis, as well as our LinkedIn account.

            We seek to keep our membership and the broader community apprised of important awareness events, such as World Immunization Week, World AIDS Day, and others, as well as new and interesting news and journal articles in pediatric infectious diseases. We also seek to advocate for core PIDS priorities, in particular vaccines and health promotion. We work closely with our colleagues at the social media accounts of the Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society (JPIDS), our society’s flagship publication.

            In the coming months, look out for some planned “tweet-storms” around important events, in particular ID Week in October, as well as some Twitter and Facebook Q&A “Meet the Professor” sessions. If you have an interest in all of this, and would like to impact the work that PIDS does on advocating on #SoMe (social media!), please reach out to any member of our working group. We are always looking for new and enthusiastic members!

For the Social Media Working Group (SMWG) –

Kevin O’Callaghan (Social Media Editor – PIDS)

Saul Hymes (JPIDS Social Media Editor)

JB Cantey

Michael Chang

Ozlem Equils

Christina Gagliardo

Rana Hamdy

Claudette Poole

Caroline Reuter

Diana Yu