As we begin the 2019 program planning process, the PIDS Program and Meetings Committee (PMC) would like to encourage all members to consider submitting Invited Science session proposals for the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) and IDWeek Meetings. If you can recall, the society’s strategy for our major meetings changed to align with our priorities. For the PAS Meeting, we are encouraging programming that focuses primarily on sessions serving the clinical and educational needs of a broader audience, especially ID topics that will be useful to both ID and other specialties represented at this meeting. For the IDWeek Meeting, session proposals should focus on cutting-edge science and emerging infections. Example topic areas for both meetings are listed below.

Example topic areas for PAS from past meetings:

  • Antimicrobial stewardship (Outpatient, Neonatal)
  • Healthcare-associated infections / Infection control
  • Updates on diagnosis and management of bacterial infections
  • Diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of respiratory viral infections
  • Epidemiology and clinical burden of antibiotic resistance
  • Vaccinology/Vaccine communications
  • Neonatal sepsis
  • Epidemiology and management of congenital infections (Zika, CMV, syphilis)
  • Epidemiology, treatment, and prevention of HIV / STIs)

Example topic areas for IDWeek from past meetings:

  • Kawasaki Disease: What’s New
  • The Cutting Edge of Science in Pediatric Transplantation
  • NTM Infections in Children
  • Neurological Manifestations of Infectious Diseases
  • Antimicrobial PK/PD in Maternal-Child Infections
  • The Pediatric Microbiome
  • New Antimicrobials
  • Immunomodulators and Infection Risk in Pediatrics: Everything You Want to Know but Are Afraid to Ask
  • Pediatric Vaccine Consults
  • Red Book Update
  • Mosquitos Migrate and Tuberculosis Travels: Management of Arboviral and Tuberculosis in Latin America and the United States
  • Thinking Outside the Room: Considerations for the Management of Ebola Virus Disease in Children
  • Maintenance of Certification (MOC) in Pediatric Infectious Diseases
  • Human Milk: Its Role in Infant Infection

As you begin thinking about session ideas, the PMC would like to provide you with our review and selection process in an effort to provide transparency and enlighten members on the committee’s process.

Programming Selection Process

  • Call for Session Proposals announcements are sent to the membership for proposal submissions
  • Proposals are submitting through a portal (e.g., Scholar One and Confex) on the conference website; link provided in the announcement
  • Once the deadline has passed, session proposals are forwarded to all PIDS PMC members for review.
  • Committee members review and rank list the session proposals; the proposal rank lists are then averaged and shared with committee members
  • The PMC convenes conference calls to discuss the list of proposals; committee members who have proposed or championed sessions themselves are welcome to present them to the group; however, all submissions will be considered and discussed. Discussion may also include recommendations to combine proposals that are similar thematically, reformulate proposals to align with the specific meeting/audience for which it is being proposed, and/or consider for co-sponsorship with other professional societies, as well as identify and fill gaps in ID programming that the Committee feels are important to include in the programming.
  • After the call, PIDS staff will send out a second spreadsheet in which PMC members will re-rank the proposals and/or revised proposals based on our committee discussion.
  • Based on the responses, the Programs and Meetings Committee co-chairs will make final selections based on the committee’s rankings for submission at each respective meeting.

We have provided a sample proposal for your reference. The PAS Call for Invited Science Proposals announcement will be sent later this summer. The IDWeek Call for Invited Science Proposals announcement will be sent in late September. Please consider submitting your ideas. Feel free to contact me or other committee members should you have any questions or concerns

Archie Chatterjee, MD, PhD, FPIDS
Chair, PIDS Program & Meetings Committee