We would like to personally invite you to volunteer for a PIDS Committee and our other volunteer activities. We depend on input from you to ensure that the specialty of Pediatric ID continues to thrive. Please view the PIDS committee and volunteer opportunity descriptions at http://www.pids.org/about-us/pids-committees.html and let us know your top choices.

We guarantee that if you volunteer for an activity, we will find a way to get you involved. Some committees may not be able to accommodate all the membership requests, so we ask you to select your top 3 committee interests and any volunteer activity you are interested in. We are exploring innovative ways to keep all our volunteers involved, including workgroups/interest groups that can provide additional support and input to our most active committees. NEW this year is the Pediatric Transplant ID Committee. We are excited about this new committee and look forward to seeing it thrive in the years to come. Also NEW this year: if you are on a committee currently, but feel that the current assignment was an error or is not appropriate, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We would like to clean up the lists so that assignments fit expertise as much as possible.

To view current committee membership assignments, go to http://www.pids.org/about-us/pids-committees/committees-at-a-glance.html.

Before the ID week meeting this year, we will review all applications and get back to you with either a committee assignment, workgroup assignment, or volunteer activity assignment. If somehow this does not happen, I invite you to email or call me personally and we will correct this.

Committee terms are for three years and we ask you to be prepared to engage energetically in the charge of the committee and be able to participate on conference calls and usually a face-to-face meeting once a year (generally scheduled during either IDWeek or the St. Jude/PIDS Research Conference). Committee membership and volunteer activities are great ways to set the stage for serving later as either a PIDS Officer or Board Member-at-Large.

Please click here to fill out the volunteer application. Applications are due no later than Friday, July 13, 2018. For more information on committees, please click here
We look forward to your help with setting our PIDS agenda!