Vision Statement: Freedom from infections for all children through excellent clinical care, research, education and advocacy.

Mission Statement: To enhance the health of infants, children, and adolescents by promoting excellence in diagnosis, management and prevention of infectious diseases through clinical care, education, research and advocacy.

It has been my great honor to serve as PIDS President for the past two years and have been amazed at the generosity of our members in giving their time and expertise to PIDS’ many activities.


PIDS leadership and staff have made great strides in developing and implementing projects directed at the seven focus areas that came out of the 2015 PIDS strategic planning session.  While some projects are still ongoing, PIDS has accomplished the following:

Pillar 1: Value of PID to the Healthcare System

  • Established Value of Pediatric Infectious Diseases Workgroup
    • The workgroup drafted a manuscript based on the results of the Value qualitative study.  The manuscript is currently under review.
    • The quantitative study to evaluate the impact of PID consultation on patient outcomes is currently in the data analysis phase.
    • The committee plans to author a white paper, based on these study results, to emphasize the value of PID.
    • The Value workgroup is also working to develop deliverables for disseminating to PIDS members.
  • Developed an opinion piece on what’s next for AS in pediatrics as well as a toolkit for small pediatric and community hospitals through input from the Pediatric Committee on Antibiotic Stewardship (PCAS).  Both projects are expected to be completed by the end of the year.
  • Established collaborative initiatives with AAP, IDSA, SHEA, and other organizations on AR and ASP.  Some initiatives include:
    • Developed  a white paper on ID Physician Leadership on ASP (in progress)
    • Collaborated with IDSA’s Multistakeholder Measure Development Workgroup to establish stewardship measures to report to CMS
    • Collaborated with Stakeholder Forum on Antimicrobial Resistance (S-FAR) Group (ongoing)
    • Established the AAP/PIDS Antimicrobial Resistance and Stewardship Workgroup to assess current practices that impact antimicrobial stewardship within pediatrics and develop educational programming for NCE (in progress)
    • Established the IDSA/SHEA/PIDS Stewardship Leadership Group to identify new collaborative initiatives as well as minimize overlap in activities with some of the same external organizations on various issues/at different times (ongoing)

Pillar 2: Recruitment of Future ID Pediatricians

  • Developed recruitment tools for utilization by pediatric infectious disease programs.  Efforts include:
    • Fellow Video Contest on “A Day in the Life of an ID Fellow”
    • Several videos of PIDS members telling their stories
      • What is a “Day in the Life of a Peds ID Doc?
      • How did you decide on this career path?
      • What parts of your career give you the great satisfaction?
      • How do you balance your professional and personal life?
      • How did Peds ID assist in advancing you to your current position?
      • What would you say to someone to encourage them to become a Pediatric ID specialist?
    • Message from the President – Membership Video
    • Updated career brochure
  • Worked with IDSA to enhance interest in ID as a specialty
  • Submitted NIH R13 Conference Grant for residents & students to attend St. Jude/PIDS conferences (funded) 

Pillar 3: Training & Guidance for PID Fellows

  • Developed Fellows’ Survival Guide, with templates for inquiring about job opportunities
  • Improved Fellows’ Day at IDWeek
  • Established very popular Fellows Networking Happy Hour at IDWeek 
  • Appointed fellows to committees/assigned projects
  • Developed  online educational modules (in progress)
  • Established Career Development sessions at St. Jude/PIDS conferences
  • ASP Basics Workshop at the ASP Conference

Pillar 4: Research activities related to PID

  • Increased fellowship/research award opportunities
  • Developed research opportunities for PIDS Transplant Network (in progress)
  • Implemented a clinical observership exchange program with ANZPID

Pillar 5: Engagement of new and established PIDS members

  • Increased visibility at meetings
  • Identified new member prospects (ongoing)
  • Created a digital archive and release it via Twitter, Facebook and the PIDS website 
  • Increased member involvement in committee activities
  • Increased international members

Pillar 6: Growth of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society Education and Research Foundation

  • Established the Resource Development Committee to assist staff in identifying potential funding opportunities (ongoing)
  • Expanded opportunities for philanthropic giving to the Foundation
  • Created the foundation website 
    • Who we are? 
    • Fellowship Infographics report to summarize the successful outcome of the Fellowship Awards Program and past fellowship award recipients 
    • Education and Research Programs
    • How to contribute with donation link

Pillar 7: Success of the Journal of Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society

  • Celebrated JPIDS’ fifth birthday 
  • Increased revenue
  • Increased visibility at meetings
  • Maintained manuscript submissions
  • Identified potential collaborations with international societies (ongoing)
  • Enhanced options for on-line only publication

It’s been a very productive two years.  We all look forward to the extremely capable leadership of our next President, Dr. Paul Spearman, in moving our Society into an even brighter tomorrow.