Medical offices and clinics often administer more than one vaccine to a patient during a single visit. If a patient or parent later calls to report a reaction, it can be puzzling for healthcare personnel to determine which vaccine caused the reaction.

Use of standardized injection site maps can help prevent this dilemma. With site maps, healthcare staff can jointly decide which anatomic site everyone in the office will use when administering a certain vaccine. For example, everyone can agree to administer DTap in the upper right thigh, Hib in the lower right thigh or PCV7 in the upper left thigh, HepB in the lower left thigh.

CDC has posted several injection site maps for use when administering vaccines to patients ranging in age from babies to pre-teens. To access these site maps, please visit:

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health has a site map for administering injections to teens. Please visit: https://kids.phila/gov/Docs/Imm_teen_site_map.pdf