Looking for tips on how to meet ACGME requirements for Practice-based Learning and Improvement and Systems-based Practice competencies? Check out the "Pediatric FAQs" posted June 2010 on the ACGME website.  To look for the most recent updates, click here.

How are you teaching about professionalism?  The American Board of Pediatrics in conjunction with the Association of Pediatric Program Directors has developed a useful (and free!) tool for pediatric residency programs.  Download "Teaching and Assessing Professionalism: A Program Director's Guide" here. To see how the Pediatric Infectious Diseases fellowship training program at Children's Mercy Hospital adapted the case studies in the tool to be relevant to our subspecialty, click here.

Want to see examples of evaluation tools used by other residency and fellowship training programs?  Check out the APPD Share Warehouse at appd.org.  You will need to login with your APPD membership number and password to access this site. 

Are you a new training program director?  Have questions about preparation of your Program Information Form or PIF?  Want to talk with a pediatric ID training program director who has recently had a successful ACGME site visit?  Contact Kris Bryant at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and a member of the Training Programs Committee will be glad to help.